Physiotherapist with more than 10 years of experience. Specialist in manual therapy, dry needling, dry cupping, spinal manipulation and Myofascial release. He is dealing with variety of cases such as musculoskeletal disorder, neurological cases and sport injures.
His experience is not limited to physiotherapy only. He has expanded in medical field through his study of the ANF therapy. In 2017, Abu Ali travelled to the ANF academy in Spain to achieve his goal for gaining more knowledge in diagnosis and treatment to help his patients. In 2021, he got his holistic degree in the ANF. He is using the ANF therapy in the chronic pain, orthopedic cases, migraine and pain management from the gut issues.
And now he is one of the instructors of the ANF therapy team. Teaching and training the new participants in the UAE. Explaining his experience with the ANF on simple and practical way to pass knowledge between all medical staffs.
Abu Ali is currently working in Acacia Advance Medical Center as the head of the physiotherapy department. He has build his team in the clinic with strong ability of assessing and treating patients.
In addition, he is helping people all over the world through his social media accounts and awareness videos contain to help people to understand the injures , how to relief the pain and ways to prevent the injury.