Welcome to The Acacia Advanced Medical Center

Acacia Advanced Medical Centre is a multi-specialty medical centre in Abu Dhabi located in the easy-to-reach location in Mohamed Bin Zayed. It is a multi-functional medical center with all the medical activities managed by qualified healthcare professionals with the latest technology. The infrastructure and technology used for the care and treatment of patients is the prime trust-building factor for the staff. It offers reliable and cost-effective medical care to serve patients of all categories.
We are growing healthcare providers with the multi-specialty approach as per the global standards.Our medical expertise is focused on providing quality healthcare treatments covering an extensive range of medical fields.We have internationally renowned specialists for each treatment specialty and work professionally as the most demanded medical centre in Abu Dhabi. We strive to provide the best possible healthcare, in an outstanding manner. Professional and ethical. Keeping patients’ welfare, a top priority. We will maintain state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and hire only the best.
We aim to build relationships that last; relationships basedon competence, compassion, and mutual respect.



Consistency in delivering quality speciality healthcare using the empowerment of technology


Exceeding the global standards for long life span

Core Values

Compassion, Collaboration, Courage, Caring, Continuous Integrity