Skin-care is your best friend if you desire to look young and vibrant as you get older. However, taking good care of your skin is not a simple and one-and-done process. It’s done daily over a long period of years. But it’s never too late to start!

To understand why you need to take care of your skin, you must first understand the main purpose of the skin on your body!

What is the main purpose of our skin?

The skin’s functions are the main reasons as to why our skin has developed into the form that it currently has. The functions are sensation, thermoregulation, absorption, storage and synthesis, and many more. However, the main purpose of the skin is for protection. The skin serves as a barrier and a filter from external pathogens for our system. Just like air conditioning filters, water filters, air purifier filters, our body as well needs its filters cleaned. Today we will show you how to do that!

Here are five things you can do and use to improve your skincare!

#1 Milk and Honey homemade creams

Creating home-made masks for your face and mixtures for your skin, out of milk and honey, throughout the years has been the remedy against aging skin and acne. Milk and honey are both excellent moisturizers! Furthermore, honey contains antibacterial substances, while milk is used for toning and soothing the skin. Here we will show you how to make a deep cleaning mixture within the comfort of your own home.

The recipe:

Begin by putting two tablespoons of milk and one tablespoon of honey into a bowl. Gently stir it until it creates a creamy consistency, so the honey and the milk are completely dissolved into one another.

Remember to wash your face with clean water, dry it off and apply the mix. Make sure to apply it evenly across your face and let it sit for 10 minutes. Afterward, wash your face with cool water and gently try it off. Gently tapping your face with a clean soft towel will do the trick, make sure not to irritate your skin.

#2 Avoid using heavy cosmetics

Your skin is just like any other organ in your body; it too needs to grow and breathe. Using many cosmetic products daily may end up clogging your skin and lead to unwanted side-effects. While a layer of toner, cream or moisturizers does provide another layer of protection to your face, it suffocates the skin.

Using heavy cosmetics regularly, especially makeup, which is in the form of liquid and cream, clogs the pores of the skin. These clogs can later form blackheads, which when not cleaned can lead to acne. We advise you to clean your face thoroughly after using heavy cosmetic products.

The cosmetics we have available today are quite friendly to the skin. However, in the long run studies have shown that chemicals present in some cosmetic products tend to age the skin prematurely, but not all cosmetic products.

Our advice is to avoid using heavy cosmetics daily, let your skin breathe freely. On occasions where makeup is necessary, make sure to do a proper deep clean of your face with a natural cleanser after using heavy cosmetic products.

#3 What you eat and stay hydrated

Skincare doesn’t only involve what we apply to our skin from the outside, but from the inside as well. Dermatologists usually say that our skin is a window into our overall health!

Similar to placing certain foods on your face, which applies them directly to the skin, consuming them via ingestion has the same effect. Products such as honey, milk, cucumber, yogurts, lemons, and many others, all do various beneficial deeds to your skin. So make sure to use and consume them regularly!

For teenagers, eating a lot of spicy foods can manifest into breakouts around the mouth. Two factors cause this. Firstly, the skin of teenagers is a lot less resistant than the skin of adults. Secondly, spicy foods contain acidic lycopene – which is a common irritant of the pH levels.

Hydration is a very important part of every skincare routine. Making sure to drink the proper amount of liquids during the day can result in having clearer and shinier skin. On top of that, applying products such as lotions can strengthen the skin and rid it of ashy-ness.

#4 Wash your face and body regularly

Ask yourself, how many times during the day do you wash your face? And no, simply splashing a hand full of water in the morning is not considered “washing.” Almost all dermatologists will agree that we need to take care of our faces, washing it, at least twice a day. Washing is especially important for women who apply make-up and various cosmetic products to their skin daily.

While skin can act as a natural filter, it does need our help regularly to fight off external pathogens and remain healthy. Washing your face and other parts of your skin, even with a simple soap can go a long way in maintaining a young and vibrant look.

Our advice is to wash your face at least twice a day. Firstly, in the morning right after you wake up. Regular washing will not only help you wake up more easily but also cleanse your skin of anything that has accumulated during the night. Secondly, wash your skin after you come home from your outside activities for the day. Washing your face in the evenings clears your skin of anything it has come into contact with during the day, thus allowing your skin to breathe freely once again.

#5 See a dermatologist

Our last advice is to see a Dermatologist at least once in your lifetime, although it is preferred to do it yearly, so learning more about your skin can show you how to treat it right. Applying the right skincare routine now and then can be far more effective than using the wrong one regularly. Dermatologists can help you take better care of your skin, detect any abnormalities and illnesses on time and help you give your skin the best treatment available.

Staying clean, healthy, and hydrated at all times will always be the best skincare routine!

If you want to learn more about skincare, book an appointment with our Dermatologist.

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